Come visit my art gallery and studio in Belfast...please call to arrange a visit!
SOLO EXHIBITION - 'For the Love of Landscape' Launch Night Thursday 13th June 2024
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      Commissioning an artwork may seem daunting at times but I’d like to explain how easy the process can be!
      I have been commissioned many times over the past few years and always love personalising my work to put a smile
      on a persons face who may be receiving the painting as a gift or just a treat to themselves or family!
      Everyone always has a wall that has been bare for so long and have been looking for that perfect painting…well all it takes
      is an email or a chat with me and I can come up with some initial ideas for you!
      Working mainly in landscape work I can paint any size and love hearing about your personal experiences with a particular place you may have as a holiday or or just like to visit.
      If you would like a commission completed, please forward all relevant information i.e. size, content (be specific as you can), any photographs for reference etc.
      I will then make some suggestions of what I have in mind and possibly have a meeting on site to discuss what you are thinking off…and we go from there!
      Commission times are usually around 2 to 4 weeks and Prices are in keeping with other works the same size.
      Please don’t hesitate to get on contact with me via email and I look forward to hearing from you with your amazing thoughts and suggestions!